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I loved how informative this class was. The instructor was very well educated on the topic. Very happy!- 


You will learn much about fibromyalgia from a trusted source and most importantly that you will learn techniques to deal with chronic pain that will be applicable to fibromyalgia sufferers and all others. Great hands on experience with the careful attention of a caring professional.- New York

As I've been working this week, I have starting to incorporate your protocol into mine and my clients are absolutely loving it! My one gentleman yesterday, actually felt an unwinding work its way from his arm down through his leg. As soon as I was finished with the hour, he wanted me to start all over again! Another lady, who I have seen weekly for years, noticed the change right away and also couldn't believe the way she was feeling.  So thank you, again, for your expertise, your willingness to share your own experiences and making it easier to understand what people with fibro truly go through...I do look forward to taking more of your classes- Dillsburg, PA

Great presentation and learning experience. Wendi's personal experience has enhanced this course. -Suffern, NY

This class was very informative and well worth the time and effort required. The information was clearly presented and the instructor took the time to make sure the methodology of the strokes were understood by the students. I will recommend this course to fellow therapists. -Edgewater, MD

This class is an excellent tool for helping people who hurt in a way we do not even realize. FM is real and we need to treat it as a real hurt. -Columbia, MD


Wendi really articulated the symptoms and treatments of fibromyalgia, headaches, IBS. I truly feel I have gained a much more thorough understanding of how I may be therapeutic to a fibromyalgia client. This seems to be the only course on fibromyalgia in our region for massage therapists.- Columbia, MD

Ms. White is very well educated in this field. I'll take any of her classes at any time!- Delaware

Love, love, love everything about this course. Wendi was amazing and I will definitely take another one of her classes. 

Exceeded my expectations and was so very much more helpful and informative than my experience with traditional medicine thus far! Fantastic course and instructor teaching style. Highly recommend this course.


I liked the length of the class and was very valuable to incorporate into my clients massages.

I sympathize more for the elderly!

This class will be beneficial to elderly clients and I will be taking a position in hospice as a LMT.

HARMONIC MASSAGE- Now called Vibrational Lymphatic Massage

I have had so much fun integrating tuning forks into my practice since I took your course! Also using them for self care has helped manage my hand pain and headaches. I am so grateful!- Hanover, PA

Client had releasing in her shoulder where she has been having trouble for a long time! On another client- it took some fluid off an ankle, my friend was impressed and the pain is almost gone out of it! You could hardly see the ankle bone before we started. He said the pain was half from when we started. - Hanover, PA

I like everything about this class!

Would like an advanced class on this!

I loved this class. Hands on learning is the best!

Absolutely loved all the material and methods presented as well as the instructor!

Really enjoyed class last Friday. Also, today tried them on a client. She had severe sciatic, quad and hamstring issues. Loosened like magic! Really cool!


I came with a headache, and left without one!

Plenty of practice! Relaxing environment.

I liked how there was enough time to practice the material we had learned thoroughly.

Wendi has a great energy- knowledgeable and calm.

I really like this class, very informative. Wendi did very well with answering questions.

Wendi did an amazing job making everything easy to understand.

Nice detail, exacting examples; great content; thorough and great notes to go home with!

In depth muscular approach with integrated reflexology and accupresure; to understanding potential cause of headaches and how to potentially achieve release of pain.

I LOVED the hands on 90 minute massage!




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