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Diabetes and Massage 8 ce's $160 (NCBTMB Category: Therapeutic Massage), May 14, 2021- Diabetes is on the rise. Learn how to help your client manage this disease. HBP, High Cholesterol, Periodontal Disease, Restless Leg Syndrome, Neuropathy and more will be discussed. Massage and Bodywork are an important component in keeping their muscles, tendons and ligaments from becoming "sticky" or even "hardened" due to the excess of glucose in their system. You will learn and practice a Diabetes Leg Protocol, acupressure, reflexology and more all for diabetes management.

Face and Head Massage 8 ce's $160 (NCBTMB Category: Therapeutic Massage), March 12, 2021- the purpose of this course is to teach the massage therapist/bodyworker the basic knowledge of working with the face and head muscles. Students will learn to free up constrictions in the face and head both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissues. You will learn techniques to help with Anti-Aging, Bell’s Palsy,Tinnitus and Indian Head Massage.

Fibromyalgia and Massage 8 ce's $160 (NCBTMB Category: Therapeutic Massage), October 8, 2021- learn, in depth, about Fibromyalgia from someone who lives with this condition, along with a pain free massage protocol. Your client says they want deep tissue, you were told to only use Swedish- I've got the answer! This technique that has 3 different levels of pressure to release the deep, intense pain your client is experiencing. Learn a massage protocol created by someone with Fibromyalgia that is effective in releasing fascia in those with chronic pain. 

Fibromyalgia: Symptoms & Sessions 8 ce’s $160 (NCBTMB Category: Therapeutic Massage), April 9, 2021- What’s the difference between this class and the Fibromyalgia & Massage Class? The purpose of this course is to teach the massage therapist/bodyworker the basic knowledge of fibromyalgia. It will also encompass learning the various symptoms and conditions associated with fibromyalgia.  Sometimes it is difficult to work on a fibromyalgia client due to their pain level. In this course you will learn to help them cope with sessions for detoxing, hand and foot stimulation, costochondritis, irritable bowel, TMJ/headaches, aromatherapy, and a guided imagery session specifically for fibromyalgia. The first half of the day is filled with vital information about fibromyalgia, while the second half of the day is filled with learning and practicing the various techniques and bodywork for each of the symptoms discussed. Ms. White has had fibromyalgia since 1998. She has completed several medical courses on fibromyalgia and conducts continuous research on the subject. She states:  “You can live a full life, once you figure out your specific triggers and how to manage them”.

Massage and the Elder Population- Geriatric Massage 8 ce's $160 (NCBTMB Category: Geriatric Massage), September 17, 2021- Every day, 10,000 Americans reach the age of 65. This generation has the interest and the income prior to previous senior citizens. Join us to learn about the Walker Strut, the Scooter Slump, and more! Geriatric Massage is not just a lighter form of Swedish Massage- it involves specialized strokes and techniques designed for aging skin and muscles. With more than 65 million mature adults and counting, it’s time to learn this massage skillset today!

Headaches, Neck Pain & Massage 8 ce's $160 (NCBTMB Category: Therapeutic Massage)June 11, 2021- learn and practice various massage techniques to help alleviate the four types of headaches, along with neck pain. You will learn techniques to identify the source of the pain- is the pain originating in the structure of the neck or muscle tension that creates headaches? Acupressure, Reflexology, Pin and Stretch, and more will be taught and practiced!

RainDrop Technique Basics 8 ce's $180 (NCBTMB Category: Bodywork), January 15, 2021 and November 12, 2021-in this class we will learn about the 9 essential oils used and their indications/contraindications. We will practice the strokes/massage techniques used in this session, followed by each student practicing and receiving the entire protocol for the feet, back and spine. This is a wonderful modality to add to your massage tool box.  Come out, have fun, be energized, and learn the many healing benefits of these oils. 

Vibrational Lymphatic Massage 8 ce's $160 (NCBTMB Category: Bodywork), February 12, 2021 and December 10, 2021- TUNING FORK CLASS! Did you know...that sound therapy can alleviate chronic pain from old injuries, migraines, and debilitating diseases? It takes us into a deeper state of relaxation so that our bodies can heal. The purpose of this course is to teach the massage therapist/bodyworker the basic knowledge of working with Tuning Forks. Have a muscle that just won’t release with all the tools you have in your toolbox? Tuning Forks can penetrate to a deeper level and release the muscle for you. Help save your hands!


WENDI WHITE, LMT and NCBTMB CEU Educator #1325

Classes held at Sackett Chiropractic Pain Relief & Wellness Center, 1310 Baltimore Street, Hanover, PA


Each class is held from 9:00am-5:00pm, 8 ce’s

Classes are held on Fridays

Accommodating up to ten (10) people in each class

Contact Wendi at 717-495-4478 or fibrofit2013@gmail.com to sign up for your class today!

Payment is accepted by cash, check, or credit card and must be paid in full prior to class date

No hassles of lugging your tables with you; just bring your own linens and lotion/oil!

Mornings are filled with theory and information, afternoons are filled with bodywork. Ahhhh

Handouts will be provided for each class.


**All of our CE classes are approved by the NCBTMB. Most State Boards accept NCBTMB approved CE classes but some may not, i.e. the Pennsylvania State Board does not accept CE classes for business, insurance, marketing, or practice building. It is your responsibility to make sure the CE class you are taking is accepted for your state’s licensure. If there is any paperwork an instructor needs to fill out to have his/her CEs accepted by your State Board, we will be happy to do so!

We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. In our desire to be effective and fair to all students, the following policies are honored:
Please note, to keep costs down in order to provide affordable quality continuing education, we do not accept Discover. We also do not accept post-dated checks.
Cancellation Policy

Student will be refunded 100% if class is canceled by instructor. 100% refund if student withdrawals from class 30 days or more prior to date of class (Fees may apply). Student will not receive a refund if withdrawal occurs 15 days or less prior to scheduled class. A credit will be kept on account for a future class. Special exceptions may apply. Classes are not guaranteed to take place and could be canceled due to low enrollment, weather, etc. Please check with us before you make plans or hotel or travel arrangements.

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