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Diabetes & Massage 8 ce’s $160 (NCBTMB category: Therapeutic Massage)

With Diabetes on the rise come learn the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, and conditions associated with Diabetes.  Ms. White has first-hand experience with Type 2 Diabetes, as her husband has been living with this disease since 2010. Once he was diagnosed, she went on to research this condition and how to help him manage it with a healthy lifestyle instead of medication. Massage and bodywork is an important component in keeping his muscles, tendons, and ligaments from becoming “sticky” or even “hardened” due to the excess of glucose in his system.  In the first half of the class the student will learn about the various symptoms which include high blood glucose, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetic retinopathy, periodontal disease, and diabetic neuropathy. A Guided Imagery session is experienced in the first half of the class also. In the afternoon a massage protocol along with acupressure points and reflexology specific to diabetes will be taught and practiced.

Face and Head Massage 8 ce's $160 (NCBTMB Category: Therapeutic Massage)

The purpose of this course is to teach the massage therapist/bodyworker the basic knowledge of working with the face and head muscles. Students will learn to free up constrictions in the face and head both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissues. You will learn techniques to help with Anti-Aging, Bell’s Palsy, Tinnitus and Indian Head Massage.

Fibromyalgia & Massage 8 ce’s $160 (NCBTMB Category: Therapeutic Massage)

A day filled with learning about Fibromyalgia. What is it? How does it affect the individual? What can you do to help your client who wants deep tissue and then hurts for three days? You were told just perform Swedish, but you know it doesn't bring the relief your client seeks. I've got the answer! Wendi White has had Fibromyalgia since 1998. She lives a full life while managing her symptoms.  Ms. White has completed several medical courses on the subject and continues to research this condition. The morning part of the class is given to learn about Fibromyalgia. The afternoon is filled with learning a great massage protocol that will not only help your Fibromyalgia client, but can help anyone with chronic pain, along with helping you learn a new skill that enables you to work smarter, not harder. This technique has 3 different levels of pressure to release the deep, intense pain your client is experiencing. Come learn how to help them today!

 Fibromyalgia: Symptoms & Sessions 8 ce’s $160 (NCBTMB Category: Therapeutic Massage)

What’s the difference between this class and the Fibromyalgia & Massage Class? The purpose of this course is to teach the massage therapist/bodyworker the basic knowledge of fibromyalgia. It will also encompass learning the various symptoms and conditions associated with fibromyalgia.  Sometimes it is difficult to work on a fibromyalgia client due to their pain level. In this course you will learn to help them cope with sessions for detoxing, hand and foot stimulation, costochondritis, irritable bowel, TMJ/headaches, aromatherapy, and a guided imagery session specifically for fibromyalgia. The first half of the day is filled with vital information about fibromyalgia, while the second half of the day is filled with learning and practicing the various techniques and bodywork for each of the symptoms discussed. Ms. White has had fibromyalgia since 1998. She has completed several medical courses on fibromyalgia and conducts continuous research on the subject. She states:  “You can live a full life, once you figure out your specific triggers and how to manage them”.

Massage & the Elder Population- Geriatric Massage 8 ce’s $160 (NCBTMB Category: Geriatric Massage)

Geriatric Massage is not just a lighter form of Swedish Massage. It involves specialized strokes and techniques designed for the aging skin and muscles. Join us to learn about the Walker Strut, the Scooter Slump, and more! A fun day learning about the most prominent muscles affected in the elder population. The morning portion in filled with important information on the aging process such as skin conditions, respiration, cardiovascular and and gastrointestinal challenges. In the afternoon students will learn to modify and customize a session for the aging and frail population. This will include a fully clothed massage and performing a massage while a client is seated in a chair or on a scooter. Ms. White has been volunteering in a retirement village for the past several years. She enjoys working with this population because TOUCH is one of the arts this population needs most.  She states” “Massage and bodywork can help them to move more easily which in turn gives them more freedom and independence.” With more than 65 million mature adults and counting- it's time to learn this massage skill set today!

Headaches, Neck Pain and Massage  8 ce’s $160 (NCBTMB Category: Therapeutic Massage)

This class will include being able to identify the four types of headaches and neck pain and their causes. You will learn techniques to identify the source of the pain- is the pain originating in the structure of the neck or muscle tension that creates headaches? You will learn and practice various massage techniques to help alleviate headaches and neck pain. We will use massage, acupressure, reflexology, pin and stretch and more! A great class that is much needed with all the stress in everyone’s life today. You clients will thank you!

RainDrop Technique Basics 8 ce's $180 (NCBTMB Category: Bodywork)

The first half of the day you will learn the basic knowledge of working with 9 essential oils used in this technique, indications/contraindications, and several strokes/ massage techniques in which the oils absorb into the feet and spine. In this class we will start with placement of select essential oils on each foot, a Roll and Release technique, followed by dropping essential oils in a specific order along the spine, and then using the 9 different strokes/massage techniques to allow for the oils to absorb into the spine. This is a wonderful modality to add to your massage tool box.  Come out, have fun, be energized, and learn the many healing benefits of these oils. 

Vibrational Lymphatic Massage 8 ce’s $160 (formerly Tuning Forks and Massage) (NCBTMB Category: Bodywork)

Did you know..that sound therapy can alleviate chronic pain from old injuries, migraines, and debilitating diseases? This course is to teach the massage therapist/bodyworker the basic knowledge of working with Tuning Forks, Essential Oils, and the Lymph System. We will use this knowledge of sound passing through objects and apply them to the use of Tuning Forks on our own bodies. Because our bodies are solid, sound waves pass through the skin, organs, tissues, right down to the very cells of our bodies. The first part of the class will include learning about the lymph system, sound therapy and essential oils. The second part of the class will be spent learning how to perform the session, which will start with opening up the  Lymph Portals, followed by placement of select essential oils, and ending with using the Tuning Forks on the reflex points and acupuncture points of the body. Have a muscle that won't release with all the tools in your toolbox? Tuning Forks can penetrate to a deeper level and release the muscle for you. Help save your hands!


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