Wendi White, LMT
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Exciting news! I have been featured in an article title "Functional Pain" in the AMTA Summer 2022 Journal!


If you are seeking massage therapy and bodywork training that is condition specific, you have found the right place.

Each continuing education class is created so that each of your clients receive the most benefit. You are able to do this by being specifically trained in various conditions and protocols.

I have training in Fibromyalgia massage, Parkinson's, Chronic Pain, Back Pain, Rain Drop Therapy, Reflexology, Medical Massage, John Barnes Myofascial Release and more.

Each class may include various techniques to achieve the functional outcome your client is seeking. This may include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial massage, PNF, essential oils, reflexology, stretching, energy and/or  breath work, and/or hot and cold therapy.


If you strive to offer natural, effective pain relief- we want you!

Help your clients start feeling better today!







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